Victim’s Advocacy

Innocent victims of crime have the right to be treated with respect and compassion, to be informed and involved in the criminal justice process, to be protected from harm and intimidation, and to be provided with the resources necessary to regain some of the control they lost when victimized.

Victim Advocate Candice Rich

Victim Advocate Candice Rich

The Campbell County Attorney’s Office established a Victim’s Assistance Program with that philosophy in mind. The mission of the Victim’s Assistance Program is to provide assistance to individuals who have been victims of violent crimes within Campbell County. This Assistance Program helps address the devastating emotional and psychological consequences that victims and their families experience.

The Campbell County Victim’s Assistance Program offers support in the following areas:

Court Orientation - Victims may not understand the procedures for prosecuting cases and may be unfamiliar with terms used within the criminal justice system. The Victim’s Assistance Program will provide information about the legal process and what may be expected of victims.

Notification – A Victim’s Advocate will keep victims advised of the status of their cases on a regular basis and be available to answer any questions they may have.

Participation – Victims are encouraged to express opinions and concerns. Victims may speak with the Victim Advocate regarding their case, or if they prefer, they may be put into contact with the assistant prosecutor assigned to the case. Documentation of injuries or damages to the victim provided to Victim Advocate may be made apart of the case file.

Protection - The Victim’s Advocate will advise the prosecutor and the Court of any threats or intimidation by the offender.

Courtroom Companionship - If a victim desires, he or she can be accompanied to all court proceedings by the Victim’s Advocate.

Referrals - The Victim’s Assistance Program is able to provide referrals to victims for services such as counseling, therapy, and safety planning.

Communication – A Victim’s Advocate will act as a liaison between victims and the prosecuting attorney. At the victim’s requests, the Victim’s Advocate will make arrangements for the victim to talk with the prosecutor assigned to the case.

Application to Crime Victim’s Compensation - Kentucky has established a Crime Victims Compensation Board from which, if eligible, an innocent victim may be reimbursed for medical expenses or wages lost as result of a crime. The Victim’s Advocate may be available to help answer questions concerning eligibility or compensation and to assist in the completion of Crime Victims Compensation Claim Forms.  Crime Victims Compensation Brochure.

If you have further questions concerning the Campbell County Victim’s Assistance Program, please contact Katrina Armstrong, 859-581-8015.